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BPA free: Is it safe for health?

BPA even worse... How to make sure you consume contaminant-free water in 4 steps

Did you know that water stored in plastic is harmful to health. For a long time there has been talk of packaging water in BPA-free containers, however recent studies indicate that BPA-free is EQUALLY DANGEROUS, more than we imagine.

Over the past decade, concerns about the health effects of bisphenol A (BPA) have forced food and beverage companies to largely abandon the use of common plastic in many household items.

Instead, they have turned to more than 50 "BPA-free" alternatives. Now the researchers report that some of these substitutes can cause the same deleterious effects in mice, particularly in reproductive cells.

"It suggests that these replacement bisphenols are not safe," says Patrick Allard, a molecular biologist at the University of California (UC), Los Angeles.

In addition, there is laboratory evidence that BPA alternatives exhibit estrogenic activity. A 2017 study by the US Environmental Protection Agency found that certain substitutes were actually more potent than BPA in terms of activating estrogen in human cells, putting them at high risk for cancer, obesity, type diabetes 2 among other diseases that cause death in the US.

Below we list 4 tips to free ourselves from possible toxins in the water.

Tip #1 - Read labels carefully

There are so many man-made chemicals on our labels that we shouldn't consume them in our water. So everything that contains BPA, FREE OF BPA, BPS, BPF, PFAS, PFNA, PFOS, PFOA, eliminate it.

Tip #2 - Use glass to pack the water

We recommend that everything you buy is in glass containers. Although glass is much more expensive and perhaps more delicate, this is better than having a bad long-term result for not preventing. Pack your water in glass containers.

"Most people need to know that drinking water with plastic in it is highly unhealthy." - Cyber ​​Water Water Quality Specialist

Tip #3 -Do not buy water in gallons or plastic bottles

Do not buy bottled water or plastic gallons as it is dead water and full of so many carcinogenic particles that you will end up drinking poison.

Tip #4 - Use a reverse osmosis system for your home.

Needless to say, an osmosis system gives you water without contamination, pure and alkaline without plastics. Many people also have many myths regarding these systems, from how they work to their cost, so it is important that you listen to truthful information from certified water experts who can provide you with the help and information you need. The reality is that a reverse osmosis water system provides you with chemical and bacteria free water as well as being cost effective in your pocket in the short term.

Your health is important!

The osmosis system gives you pure quality water without having to incur the high costs of having to buy water that is chemically processed and packaged in plastics. Our systems decontaminate all these chemicals and more. Remember that to have a cost-free appointment and take a free water quality test you can book at this link.

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